Safety Training

Laboratory Safety Training for New Students

New students within the Chemistry and CEMS departments must complete DEHS safety training prior to working in a lab setting. Please follow the instructions below to complete these web-based modules and submit the results to the appropriate places. All the links for the trainings can be found here.

Laboratory Specific Safety Training for all U of M employees

Safety Training covering the hazards specific to your research group will be arranged for by your PI. This training must be completed prior to beginning work in laboratory space and before performing any new procedures. Laboratory Specific training must be documented. Documentation should include who was trained, the date, the subject and by whom. The format is up to individual lab groups. A Laboratory Specific training record template is available on the DEHS training page.

Basic modules for all U of M employees

The following online modules are required for all laboratory users with the CHEM and CEMS Departments, and must be completed prior to receiving keys to any laboratories:

Please follow this link to the DEHS training page to access these courses

Additional Modules for Specific Research Areas

Radiation Hazard Safety:  If your project requires working around radiation sources, which include strong magnetic fields, X-rays, or radioactive isotopes, please complete the following radiation safety module:

and if your work requires the direct interaction with radioactive materials, complete the following module:

Biological Hazard Safety:  Certain work regarding regulated biological agents requires specific safety standards to be completed by researchers. If your work involves working with human material or infectious agents, complete the following research module:

and if your work requires recombinant DNA: 

and if your work requires IBC Review: 

Airborne Hazard Safety:  If your work requires you to wear a respirator (N95, Half-face with cartridge, etc.) for protection of vapors or particles generated during your lab work, either voluntarily or required, you need to enroll in the following module:

Submission of Completed Forms

For CEMS Students/Staff:

Print off 3 copies of your completed training scores: 1) for the LSO to store in lab records 2) for your personal records and 3) one copy for the main office (Teresa Bredahl).

Laboratory keys will NOT be released until a copy of this training has been submitted to the main office.

For CHEM Students/Staff:

Print off 2 copies of your completed training scores: 1) for the LSO to store in lab records and 2) for your personal records.

Ongoing Safety Training

For CEMS Students/Staff:

Your Lab Safety Officer is obligated to present an annual safety refresher at a group meeting. This should be accompanied by a form stating that you have completed the safety training for that year.

For CHEM Students/Staff:

Be aware of an annual safety refresher seminar that is given periodically throughout the year.

Workshops for specific lab topics:

Workshops for lab techniques and safety considerations will be available throughout the year. Workshop postings will be updated as they come available.